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The Happy Hour

The Happy Hour - Carol Flores

When was the last time that you had fun? I mean real fun that made you forget about everything else? When you spent a couple of hours completely free, away from your smartphone or any other electronic device, and enjoyed the company of a total stranger?

Oh, but wait! A stranger? Who may have fun with strangers? Well, I do. Or at least, I did.

People forgot how to interact with each other, and they have been thought from a young age they need a lot of things (which is NOT true) in order to be happy, or to have fun.

Today, being Friday, I went out to a happy hour with some of my colleagues. After a long busy day, it felt like therapy. I mingled a bit, had a chat and a drink, and I was getting ready to head home.  Most of the office people were leaving as well. Only the members of the tech team were left. Since I wasn't too keen on hearing them over sharing or seeing those cross boundaries, I decided to leave. I wished everyone a great weekend and left.

When I got out of the bar, I realized that I didn’t have my phone. I went back inside, walked straight to the table where we sat, hoping that I would find it on the seat or somewhere on the floor. As soon as I reached the bar, I noted there was an old guy sitting at our table. The tech guys moved to the bar.

I got closer to him, greeted him and asked if by any chance he had seen a smart phone around. The guy smiled and said “smart phone are for dumb people, you don’t look like one” I started to laugh. He invited me to search all around the table and offered me a drink to help me cope with my loss.

A few seconds later, I spotted the phone on the floor, under one of the chairs. I took it and thanked the guy for his offer. Meanwhile, he kept on making jokes on my account. He was incredibly funny. I thought he had to be a stand-up comedian, he was on a roll! It turned out he was doing blacktop paving Edmonton. I ended up spending five hours in the company of this stranger. I never met anyone with such a great sense of humour as him. Him and his jokes really cracked me up.

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Carol Flores is a New York blogger born on January 8, 1954. Her first blog was published in the early 2000s and created a buzz that attracted thousands of readers. Her experience and her versatility intrigued bloggers and web journalists alike. Today, she has been invited to blog about various topics covering a wide range of interests.