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The mini-vacation

The mini-vacation - Carol Flores

I am so excited to go to Chicago! I was really happy to hear my hubsand inviting to join him on his three days trip to the U.S.A. He had to meet one of his partners regarding a plan stakeholder engagement Chicago and did not wish to go alone. Thus he decided to ask me to go with him.

As soon as he mentioned the trip, I agreed without any second thoughts. I knew that I could have asked my mother or my sister to babysit our kids. They were used to both of them and I needed a break from being a full-time mom.

It did not take me long to find and buy the tickets. I prepared my small carry-on in less than half an hour. What got my worried was the fact that I could not find my passport. I had forgotten that I had it renewed and left it at my mom’s. Before I remembered all that, I had been looking for it throughout the entire house. 

I feared that I would not be able to go to Chicago. How was I going to go to the states without a passport?! Luckily mom had call to ask something about Dany’s soccer practice and by chance I inquired if she knew anything about my passport. She started to laugh saying that she had it for almost four months. 

That was a relief to hear it was not lost and my trip wasn’t going to be cancelled. I revealed to mom that hubby and I were planning a little getaway and we needed her help with the kids. She agreed to come and stay at our place for the entire time we would be gone abroad. She seemed to be delighted by this idea. 

I was thrilled to see that things worked out fine and everyone was happy. I was getting my long desired mini-vacation away from the kids and chores. My mother was happy to spend more time with the kids, and the children were excited that they would get new toys. Yes, I know, I have taught them wrong by rewarding them with toys and buying them anything they wished for. I guess I was trying to buy out my feeling of guilt. I felt guilty for not being able to be close to them all the time, or for snapping at them from time to time.

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Carol Flores is a New York blogger born on January 8, 1954. Her first blog was published in the early 2000s and created a buzz that attracted thousands of readers. Her experience and her versatility intrigued bloggers and web journalists alike. Today, she has been invited to blog about various topics covering a wide range of interests.