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Where to find the perfect wedding cake?

Where to find the perfect wedding cake? - Carol Flores

Where I work, we create all sorts of cakes that we sell in our pastry shop, but we also create desserts for special occasions. In most cases, we create unique cakes. There are almost no limits to what we can create when it comes to cakes. If you sometimes watched The Cake Boss, we do something like that.

Since this TV show appeared, being a baker has become very popular. Of course, once new candidates discover how hard this work is, physically and mentally, most of them give up. I started long before those shows, and I still do it for more than one reason, but I believe the most important reason is that I love it.

I do everything there is to be done. I make cakes, decorate them, and sell them if necessary. Mainly, I am one of the three head bakers and our work is to create cakes for special occasions. We talk to customers, listen to their wishes, make sketches and work out other details. Once the customer approves of our idea, we also build a team to work on the cake, make a plan and recipe. 

When the cake is over, we must decorate it, and that is my favorite part. I enjoy transforming an ordinary cake into something extraordinary. I am the best plant and flower maker in our bakery and I usually make flowers and plants for other cakes than mine. It is very challenging, but also rewarding. 

This weekend I am not working on any cake since it is my turn to represent our bakery at a Dallas acting class. There is much work for me. I must organize everything. It means I will have two assistants and we must take all the stuff we need with us. We must decorate our space and bring cake models for people to see. We will also have some freezers with samples for people to try. And for other details, there is always an internet connection to our site.

Plenty of people will come to our space in those two days. Some of them will just look, some of them will already know what they want, and others will desperately need our advice. I know that not all of them will become customers, but I will do everything I can to make sure they leave a little happier than they then arrived.

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Carol Flores is a New York blogger born on January 8, 1954. Her first blog was published in the early 2000s and created a buzz that attracted thousands of readers. Her experience and her versatility intrigued bloggers and web journalists alike. Today, she has been invited to blog about various topics covering a wide range of interests.